“Unplanned” Causes the Death Lobby to Show Its Fangs

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The Death Lobby is flexing its muscle, showing its fangs, and spraying its venom. Planned Parenthood (PP) and its culture-of-death allies are frothing-at-the-mouth furious over a small, independent film that is ripping away the mask from the monstrous abortion industry that has slaughtered at least 61 million babies since 1973, the year of the U.S. Supreme Court’s infamous Roe v. Wade decision.

Unplanned, the true-life story of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood “rock star” who is now a staunch pro-life advocate, is doing the unthinkable: It’s rocking PP’s multi-billion-dollar baby-disposal applecart. For the Death Lobby, this is not only unthinkable; it’s unforgivable. The abortion behemoth has rallied its formidable forces in the media, academia, Hollywood, and the Democratic Party. They have tried to crush the movie with the same cold-blooded malevolence and audacity with which they crush the skulls of unborn babies who stubbornly resist their suction machines.

As we have reported in our online articles, the first blow was to get the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) to give the film an “R” rating. The intent was to scare off many pro-family viewers and make it impossible for girls under the age of 17 — a big cohort of Planned Parenthood’s targeted “clientele” — to view the film. There is no profanity, nudity, pornography, promiscuity, or gratuitous violence in the movie. The only violence depicted is the very real, lethal violence of surgical and chemical abortions. As Judie Brown, president of the American Life League, commented, “The irony is that a teenager as young as 13 can get an abortion without her parents’ consent, but cannot see a movie about abortion unless she is over 17.”

Next, the pro-abortion Fake News television networks blackballed the film, refusing even to accept paid advertisements. Yes, the same networks that have become a cloaca maxima of filth and degeneracy claimed that they could not accept ads for Unplanned because of the “sensitive nature” of the subject. Twitter suspended the film’s account twice — claiming after the first incident that it was an accident — in an attempt to stifle its social-media promotion.

Media reviewers tried to kill the movie by either ignoring it completely or savaging it with ridicule. The “review” by Nick Schager at The Daily Beast provides a taste of the vitriol that is being served up for the heroic film. Entitled “‘Unplanned’: Inside the Controversial (and Completely Bonkers) Anti-Abortion Movie,” the Schager piece carries the following subtitle: “This gory, R-rated anti-abortion film paints Planned Parenthood as a powerful, bloodthirsty terrorist organization. It’s even crazier than it sounds.”

Unplanned, he charges, “is the cinematic equivalent of an anti-abortion pamphlet peddled by one of those holier-than-thou creeps who lurk outside clinics, reciting biblical quotes in order to terrorize (often young) women looking for much-needed reproductive health care.”

“Propaganda doesn’t come more putrid than Unplanned,” Schager writes, “which is the perfect way to spend a Friday or Saturday night if you’re a die-hard right-to-lifer who views Planned Parenthood as a scourge upon the face of the Earth. Smacking you upside the head with its message for 110 god-awful minutes via every cornball cliché in the (not-so-good) Christian-movie book, it’s a leaden, self-righteous and wholly rancid affair, designed only to preach to its choir by maligning the non-profit organization.”

Maligning the “non-profit” organization? Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report, released this past January, proudly informs us that in 2018 the organization’s killing centers executed 322,757 babies — a new record number — while racking up a profit of nearly $250 million on a record cash flow of $1.66 billion. Of that blood money, $563 million came from taxpayers. Which is a painful reminder that even with Republicans controlling the White House and both houses of Congress, the faithless and feckless GOP leadership could not muster the courage to cut the taxpayer umbilical cord to the PP killing machine. They found excuses to dillydally, frittering away two years of an historic opportunity. Now, with the Pelosi/Ocasio-Cortez Democrats in control of the House, we face a new roadblock to the efforts to end the 46-year mass-murdering spree against our youngest and most helpless citizens.

But their war plans didn’t plan on Unplanned. Despite all the hostile blocking measures of the MPAA and the media, Unplanned was the fourth-most popular film in theaters when it opened, doubling box-office expectations its opening weekend of March 29-31, taking in $6.4 million while being shown on 1,059 screens. It set new box-office and attendance records for independent and faith-based films and is expanding to 1,700 screens for its second week of showings.

It will take more than a movie to end the slaughter. It will take much prayer and sacrifice, as well as unrelenting civic education and action. But Unplanned’s triumphs demonstrate that the war for the soul of America is far from over. It continues to rage across many battlefields.

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