A few years after 9/11, Michael Herzog, pilot, investigator, former estate planner and musician, while watching ‘Mainstream’ programmed news had the ‘penny drop’, something in that broadcast made him realize that what was being pushed at him, wasn’t making any real and rational sense and wasn’t ‘real’ news. The highlight of the broadcast that particular evening was one of ‘human interest’, narrating a theme of ‘Bertha’s dog being trapped in a sewer for two days before the fire dept. was able to rescue the animal, alive and well and all lived happily ever after, a tearjerker to say the least. This story, amidst the carnage happening at the time in Iraq, proved once and for all to Michael that Mainstream news was and is to this day, nothing more than a diversion to the ‘real’ and ‘concealed’ serious events happening around the globe that Mainstream Media either ignores, spins, or simply addresses with flat out lies.

He arose from his sofa, entered his office and proceeded to type into internet search engines certain subject matter of which he thought might share a clearer picture. He typed in term ‘9/11’… and that’s where it all started. He found himself being led down one rabbit hole to another, while discovering the truth regarding a myriad of topics that he had, prior to this journey, simply taken the word of the Mainstream talking heads. In the end, after being shocked into the awakening of his life, realizing that most everything he thought he knew about anything he’d digested through Mainstream News Outlets was a lie, he ran across this quote that indeed, affirmed it: “We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything the American Public Believes Is False.” This quote was made by then CIA Director William Casey to incoming president Ronald Reagan in January, 1981. Michael later discovered that Casey was referring to ‘Operation Mockingbird’. Where all Mainstream Media outlets, regardless of where of which you tune in, are programmed to parrot the same propaganda, spin and deceptions to keep the American People ignorant of their real agenda.

Since that awakening, Michael has made it his mission, not only to question and investigate, but to uncover and share with the American people as well as people of the world, the truth. His mission started on the Airwaves back in 2006 with KFNX 1100, Phoenix Arizona, but has now grown to a worldwide audience of people who thirst for knowledge and have grown tired of being held hostage by their uninformed ignorance… Welcome all truth-seekers to “The American Awakening”.