Show Notes (4/10/19): Who Protects Us From The Protectors?

Michael Herzog will be having on today, Rudy Davis with

Bodycam footage captures the moment police shoot dead an unarmed woman, 24, inside her car after mistaking her for an attempted murder suspect – as officers are still cleared of wrongdoing

Mapping Police Violence / Police Violence Map / Unarmed Victims

42 Shocking Police Brutality Statistics

Death and Taxes: The Story of Gordon Kahl

The Persecution of Schaeffer Cox – Jordan Page

Department of INjustice: The Untold Story of Schaeffer Cox

CAUGHT on CAMERA! The Outrageous Police Trap to Murder an Innocent Man Jeffrey Weinhaus

Cesspool of Judicial Corruption: The David Hinkson Story (Updates Approved by David)

Charles Dyer (aka July4Patriot) Give me LIBERTY or give me DEATH!

Sidney Powell Talks About DOJ Prosecutorial Terrorists Tactics

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is Reminded that Congressman Steve Stockman is still in Prison – Let’s Eradicate the FBI from America.

Big News Updates for Darlie Routier – Upcoming June Event and Innocence Project Picks Up her Case

Ex F.B.I Informant talks infiltration of BLACK CULTURE

Hakeem Abdul-Shaheed my story – Lest I be forgotten

State admits recording jail conversations between defense lawyers and clients

Police Brutality

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