Jail for America’s Vaccine Rights Attorney?!

Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips, J.D., the nation’s only attorney whose practice is focused solely on vaccine exemptions and related legislative activism, is the victim of a “Witch Hunt” by the NC State Bar, which is suing him for 100’s of confidential client files despite not accusing him of any specific wrongdoing, while suppressing complaints against itself from Alan and others. Alan’s complaints against the Bar include 30 pages documenting a years-long pattern of serious illegal behavior on the part of a group of attorneys at the bar, and are supported by 2 independent legal experts.

Alan is in violation of a court order for refusing to cooperate with an illegal proceeding–the Bar can’t legally investigate Phillips if they aren’t accusing him of any specific wrongdoing, but in Feb a NC judge said the Bar can investigate complaints against itself (?!), that they can investigate Phillips even though they are not accusing him of any specific wrongdoing (?!!), that there’s no conflict of interest with Bar attorneys investigating Phillips when Phillips has outstanding complaints against them that have never been properly handled, and that Phillips must hand over information and documents to the Bar even though Phillips has documented that the Bar has repeatedly invented facts and law in letters, in court, and in an email.

A national grassroots effort to pressure NC officials into initiating a proper investigation of the NC State Bar may be the only solution, and is underway, led by an OH health freedom group. We need 10’s of 1,000’s of people to join this nationwide effort!

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To see proof of the NC State Bar misconduct, see the Proof link here:


Thank you for your kind time and attention.

Alan Phillips, J.D.
Vaccine Rights Attorney

*Please note that I cannot advise you about state law outside of NC, unless the advice goes to and through a local attorney with the appropriate state license.

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