Police Brutality Worse than Rodney King – The Robert Leone Story

Dashcam of BRUTAL beatings by cops after stopping the wrong man. Pennsylvania State Police pursued Robert for a MINOR traffic violation that he apparently DID NOT commit. While Robert was detained he was nearly killed by the police while they executed their form of street justice. He suffered through 11 hours of multiple beatings. He was tasered at least 10 times. He was also chemically maced. He spent more than 2 1/2 years in JAIL. Robert was charged with felony assault on a police officer because the officer broke his hand when he punched Robert in the head with his fist while he was being detained! This is part of a BIGGER story of police brutality, corruption, and official coverup throughout the Pennsylvania judicial system. This video is chapter one of this story – visit http://worsethanrodneyking.com to watch this story unfold and to participate in the discussion.

After I released this video it quickly went viral. The reaction to this video has been a public firestorm of protests and demands for investigations – and yet the police involved are still on the street. They have NOT been punished in any way. Sadly, not a single politician has taken a stand by publicly speaking up.

You are the key. The officials in Bradford County Pennsylvania will do nothing. Only public reaction will get results – so please “like” my Facebook page and participate in the discussion!


  1. I don’t get it. How can a savage beating like this, seen and heard from the first punch, threat, slap, kick scream and blood, be justified by anyone other than what’s witnessed in a terrorist attack or biker gang rumble and call it legal? A gang of thugs robbing someone would have better command of restraint than these animals. And a jury finds it justifiable? A judge deems that it’s proper behaviour? If Robert Leone walked into the Troopers station and shot them all dead, THAT I would find justifiable. To be continuously beaten, degraded, humiliated and in fear for my life, and then having to endure the hypocrisy of the beaurocratic cover up that followed, so no money is paid and no consequences are given, is the exact reason that people will cheer when officers are killed, or beaten. Ok, maybe they won’t face any consequences now, but I believe there will be a price to pay down the line. And that cashier can’t be avoided or evaded. Your bill will be paid, like it or not.

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