The American Awakening: Trump Is A Product Of Army Intelligence? It Goes Much Deeper Than That


  1. Their are Australian Federal Police permanently stationed in Malaysia to arrest Child Sex tourists and drag them back to Australia. Why wouldn’t they just pop around and pick this guy up?

  2. Because Malaysia would tell them to get lost.

    I was interviewed by Royal Malaysian Police. I have spoken with the Malaysian Consulate twice. I am welcome here and the charges against me are so transparently ridiculous the Western Australian government are terrified that all the details will come out. Western Australia, like Queensland, is an insular inbred little fiefdom who thinks they can do what they want – whenever they want.

    I had coppers shaking my hand and top level highly connected serving Ministers calling me to express support for my sentiments.

    You can study it all here with paper work…But I doubt it. Why read when you can flip off casual comments about subjects you know nothing about?

    As for AFP picking up pedo’s in Malaysia? Where? When? I see them all the time at their favourite restaurants. They don’t work too hard.

  3. Always get knob’s Brendon, from the Outback eh. Just about sum’s up the intellectual value of the dumb post.Onward and upwards 🙂

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