1. I believe Rick Adams and yourself are the only real truth seekers out there, I am so upset with what was done to you. If ever you need donations I will be more responsible and give this time-even though I am stretched on a very limited income

  2. Welcome to the world of white nationalists the world over, Mike.
    I read your letter of resignation and am saddened to hear it. Your shows were always very informative and I will miss them. A criticism I have is in your apparent naivete regarding your vehement denial of being a “Hitler Apologist”. You must now fully understand that Hitler was right on practically everything and admitting this is nothing you need be ashamed of. Instead, stand up and proudly state, “Yes… Hitler was a great man with ideas that obeyed economic and Natural Laws. I do not apologize for recognizing these facts!” When you say or write anything to PROVE this, you will be vociferously attacked by the (((powers that be))). You cannot touch ANY of their kosher sacred cows… and the “Hitler Is The Ultimate Evil” is one of their biggest. So, I truly wish you the best in any future endeavors and hope to hear you from time to time perhaps as a guest on other podcasts. God bless.

  3. I agree completely with Joe. the powers that were, must never stop demonizing hitler because they can never allow the people of the world to know the truth of WWI and WWII. some good authors on this subject are: War Is A Racket by Smedley D Butler, Antony C Suttons’s books Tragedy and Hope (condensed version) by Carroll Quigley. Hitler and Germany had the answer to the economic situation. Germany thrived. massacres of ethnic germans in Poland and checkolavakia, the marseilles treaty changed Germany’s borders. Hitler was deliberately forced into invading these two countries, because of this brutality. one must understand WWI, before one can understand WWII. Mike, you are not an apologist, you are just broadcasting the truth. The Bank of England, Vatican, Washington DC. federal reserve and Wall Street planned and orchestrated it all. Germany’s barter and trade system was brilliant, and big money had to stop them to protect their power. Always remember “the LOVE of money is at the root of ALL evil”.

  4. I agree completely with Joe. the money masters have made the whole world into money slaves. Hitler’s and germany’s barter and trade system was brilliant. The German people thrived. He was a threat to their power and they had to destroy him and all evidence of his work. There is a top secret agreement right now where the bank of England,vatican, federal reserve, wall street and Washington DC control ALL media in Germany until 2099. An attempt to erase any positive memory of Hitler and Germany from the pages of history.

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