1. Many thanks Mike. All links to paperwork, transcripts can be found by following the links from this blog post.

    Direct Links –
    High Court Appeal Synopsis – Banned in jail as a security risk.

    INDEX: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B05T-ILY9U6RRDJ2ZDV4YkVsc0k
    MAIN BODY: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B05T-ILY9U6RcjJIbEtfekRvT2c

    TRANSCRIPT OF TRIAL – Jan 17-Jan27 Then Verdict and Sentencing
    (Please note, the transcript has been grossly tampered with. I have a recording of most of their blatant tampering. I fought for 5 years to correct the transcript. I am still to officially do it.)

    Please download and re-upload the transcript – send me the new link so I have a nice database of saved version.

    Sentencing Submissions. “Threat To Kill”. Post Jail Charges

    This 115 page document gives exacting details on the last set of charges. They were utterly ridiculous. Lawyer Simon Frietag refused to hand the document to the judge citing the material as “too controversial”.


    Please let me know if links are not working.

    Either leave a message here or at – meeting@boc.rockstarqwin@boc.rocks

  2. My Business my Reputation and my life Was Totally Destroyed by the Infestation of MAGGOTS calling themselves Honest Police within the Western Australian Police Force, All Freemasons, all connected to State and Federal Ministers, who at will and with VESTED interests have Sanctioned MURDERS, Savage Beatings, Intimidation, False Charges and the Planting of Evidence to Secure a Custodial Sentence against ANYONE Who SPEAKS Out and Therefore Needs to Be Silenced and “Are SILENCED”. The West Australian Newspaper and the Sunday times Management have Actively assisted ‘by Forbidding Journalists to Help or Write the Stories of This PURE Evil within the Western Australian Police Force and the PURE Evil within the Court of Petty Sessions, District Court and the Supreme Courts of Western Australia, and ably assisted by Some PREVIOUS and CURRENT Thoroughly Corrupt Chief Stipendiary Magistrates and Chief Judges. These FESTERING SORES within our Police and Courts need to be CURED by Whatever means Necessary ~ to Save your Children and Families from this “Abhorrent and Truly Evil INFLUENCE of the FREEMASONS in our Society ! ~ My name is Phil. Harshaw, Businessman, PRIVATE DETECTIVE of 33 Years. And the Former Head of WHISTLE BLOWERS W.A.

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