1. Please watch the Daniel Holtzclaw videos on YouTube. Daniel is not guilty. If this can happen to Daniel, this can happen to anyone. In fact, I myself was wrongfully convicted of a misdemeanor and a VPO. BUT, Daniel’s case is SO much worse, it’s UNREAL. Follow Daniel’s case by following Jenny Holtzclaw on her facebook page.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to do such a thorough summary of Daniel Holtzclaw’s case. Although Daniel is from my hometown I didn’t know him before I started digging into this case. I thought him guilty based on the media reports before, during and after his trial. Specifically “The Oklahoman” sensationalized this case with a four-part article written by a reporter that lost sight of what he should have been writing about. I have since spent weeks reviewing the details of this case. I challenge everyone to do the same with an open-mind. I bet my life he is innocent. The corruption that exists in the OCPD, Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office and now the shenanigans with AG Mike Hunter and Timothy Henderson with secret hearings will leave you baffled. The scary thing is the reality that what happened to Daniel could happen to you or me.

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