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For those with questions regarding the April 23rd meltdown of the host interviewing me.

To clarify a few facts misrepresented and twisted by the interviewer post his meltdown:

1) I was invited on his show that evening, I did not ‘ask’ as was what he had stated.

2) Being a ‘guest’ as opposed to the host, it was his audience (not mine) and once he abandoned his post, I was under no obligation to continue an interview with the person of whom invited me.

3) The information I was sharing, the host thought both pertinent and important enough for me to share, then decided (after changing the subject matter and being posed with a question), to slam down his headset and make an exit. He then returned when he knew I had departed and proceeded to try and spin it to look as if I was ‘unprofessional.’ He also went on to say (not once, but twice) that it was I who got upset. All total nonsense.

4) He then took the next day off to create an explanation that he thought would explain his previous action and regain some sense of credibility by inventing the story that he had ‘the flu’ and left the room to ‘throw up.’ He shared this falsehood with a caller (Dave in California) and said that I asked him to be on his show that night… complete falsehood.

5) What many are unaware however is, it goes deeper than that. Off air he had been pushing me to set up a meeting with a major national host (a good friend of mine) in attempts to (once again) try to sway this host to come back on his network. I had told him the previous weekend that I wanted no part of it and didn’t want to get in the middle (as I had once before years ago). As the previous encounter regarding these two turned into a complete disaster.

6) Getting no favorable reply from me off air, he then, (at the top of the second hour) proceeded to send me a cryptic message that he knew only I would understand. Expecting an agreement from me and instead receiving radio silence at the end of his short dissertation is, from what I perceive, when his blood started to boil. This, in my estimation is what ultimately caused him to explode.

7) His explanation of having to throw up, slamming his headset down, supposedly tripping and falling, getting up and banging his head against the door causing (by his explanation, something on the door to brake), heading to the bathroom, supposedly throwing up and then getting back into the broadcast booth, knowing that I had left (by his admission), all with 48 seconds… that adventure would have to qualify for the Guinness Book of world records.

8) What likely happened is, he slammed his headset down, walked next door to the board op room, listened for me to leave, the immediately came back to save his co-host while then berating me on air.

The real reasons for my departure

a) The show was actually costing me money by diverting time I could have been spending in my other profitable endeavors. With the research I had been doing to bring the info to the audience, it was turning into a full time job without pay.

b) Another host on the network, omitting certain topics from discussion of coverage and actually demeaning callers if they dared bring up the subject(s), was getting paid for his time while it was costing me for mine.

c) No offense to this host as it is his show and he can talk about, or not talk about anything he chooses however, to have a show on par with his and not only not be paid but lose money by doing it is literally to have my talent exploited for another’s gain. Who in their right mind would allow such a thing to continue?

d) The ongoing pressure to try and manipulate, exploit, and take advantage of my friendship with a widely known national host for ultimately what would be (if successful) his own monetary gain was for me both disrespectful of my friendship with this host as well as ignoring my request to not be involved. He was trying to take advantage of my friendship with said host, influence him by that friendship and use it for his own gain.


This man did not/does not know how to take no for an answer and if challenged on anything, whether it be a polite refusal of a request or, if one simply disagrees with him on a topic, reverts back to pre-adolescent tantrums not unlike a child of whom would have an ice cream cone taken from him.


  1. Hello Michael. I was listening to the show in question and I did find you to be just a little bit irritable, when you felt that John was interrupting you. Never mind where are you now and will you be listed on shoutcast or some other source?

  2. i want to thank you for trying to clear up why youresigned,may the lord use you in this new format,you are in the let us know what is coming of danger for us well me to pray about.i see you have mobil # we can listen on but it is not on sreen. also there are 2 radio staions can listen on 540am,wxelfm, is that correct,what other way can listen,and what time eastcoast.success to your new endevours.

  3. I think most listeners realized what happened and saw through the BS excuses. Your show made it to first place in my daily podcast list as WRH is close minded and the rest of them are repetitive.

    Build a new network with the likes of Clint Richardson, Alan Watt, Robert Reyvolt and you will get a much larger audience than he will ever have.

    ps Your NASA episode, when listened to in the Australian outback at 2am while fixing fences in the middle of nowhere, is pretty damn spooky. All Hail Herzog

  4. It’s obvious you don’t want to say who the well known National Host is but will you tell us who he/she is not. Please tell me you weren’t talking about Alex jones.

  5. Get over it, he was talking about John Stadtmiller on RBN, which is why Michael is no longer broadcasting from his recent platform, I want to know where I can now find him over here in France.

  6. enochered….

    You can find me right where you’re at :….live from 6 to 8 pm central time, Monday thru Friday….just click the ‘listen’ button

  7. Hello Sir, I must say I absolutely loved your broadcast on RBN, whilst I am sad you left because the whole idea of this movement is to wake as many people up as possible through whatever means, I am very glad I found your site, I shall be listening. Please keep up the good work. In my opinion your are one of the best.

  8. Thank you Michael. My life would not be the same without your voice.I have been listening to you since the good old days of Oracle. All the best.

  9. Sadly, this is not the first time Mr. Stadtmiller has behaved like a little drama queen. His behavior was highly unprofessional. He needs a large dose of GTFU. I very much appreciate your efforts, time and intelligence Mr. Herzog and that you are willing to share it with the rest of us. Education and cooperation is what I expect is gonna get us out of this mess. Thank you and the best to you, Mr. Herzog.

  10. Mr. Herzog, my only complaint is that it took me a bit to find you. But other than that, as far as your blowout with the blowhard, I say good riddens to him. He has some really strong talent he has burnt and wasted over the many years I’ve listened. That bloke that took your time slot is one of them. I can only hope they awaken from their slumber and shine. There are a few of us here in Aukland that listen to you. Keep up the great work.

  11. Keep on going, Michael. When you are off the air, I really miss your voice. The more I learn, the dumber I feel. Thanks for all of your time and effort.

  12. Sonny Bono was questioning Janet Reno about the fire at Waco and the deaths of allthose children. Someone got uncomfortable.

  13. excellent show, Mike. Didn’t know Sonny was so deeply involved in investigating Iran Contra. Remember Barry Seal who came to a violent end in Louisiana. That operation was like a deadly octopus.

  14. I was enjoying your show and knew the caller was right when he said that Jn S would be letting you go, due to some of Your topics. I chuckled when I heard You say he was your friend and Wouldn’t do that.I don’t listen much to RBN since, that was enough for me hearing, of RBN and Jn S poor attitude since 2009. Thanks for your explanation. Keep on keeping on

  15. A typical moronic Stadtmiller on-air response to Michaels comments here would be…
    “well if you don’t like it come here and do something about it….BUT they never DO..”
    (Like Michael is going to fly to Texas to beat up that deranged idiot…)
    The guy is definitely missing a few screws…A few years back this “tough guy” was idiotically threatening to “beat my ass” in a series of emails…..

  16. Very pleased to have found you, again. Since your departure from RBN, it hasn’t been the same. Mike Rivero is always repeating himself and “butting” in when Claire is on, wish he would let her talk without interruptions. I also find his views on what hit Pentagon, satanic child sacrifice rings “non exsistance” rather strange along with Chemtrails. I’ve seen youtube clips of “Chemtrail” switches on airplanes, for goodness sakes! Steve Elkins constant calls to other hosts, (on non issues) is a bore. Love Reyvolt and Rick Adams. Springola unless talking about Sandy Hoax. Just tuned in to Jennifer Daniels and taking 4 tablespoons of “turp” every other day. Why Jhn Sadmiller needs a co host to…. (bully?) co host (?) is odd. Heard somewhere about your trip to “Niagara Fall” with Randy Weaver and him and reckoned he’s had anger issues for awhile…
    Anyway, 48 seconds on an illness he NEVER alluded nor mentioned in the second part of a 2 hour show was kind off silly. I do wish RBN continues for the lies of MSM are so off the wall. Jason Seaman “disarmed” a school “shooter” was “shot” 3 TIMES yet was able to seek donations and not answer questions on a FB “news conference”… Oddly he was “hit” in arm, stomach, and leg underwent “surgery” but showed NO SIGNS OF INJURY 3,4 days later….

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