Police Departments Ditching Body Cameras

Police Departments across the US are ditching body cameras, citing prohibitively high costs. Police accountability groups have responded in horror, but do body cameras really reduce abusive policing and protect civil liberties – or do they do just the opposite? Alex Vitale, associate professor of sociology at Brooklyn College, joins Scottie Nell Hughes to share his insights, arguing that nothing can take the place of responsible bystanders taking out their cellphones and shooting video for ourselves.

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  1. It NEVER Ceases to Amaze me of the ‘Pathetic Dummies Like Alex Vitale’ who Endlessly talk CRAP ! Suggesting that Responsible bystanders take footage. Hello !! The First thing Police do is DEMAND bystanders taking footage Cease or Be Arrested, also Ceasing their phone and Deleting the footage ! If you are Not COMPLETELY BRAIN DEAD as Alex Appears to Be ! Then you would SEE the Forrest for the Trees !! this is Not About Costs and Budgets in regard to Storage. That’s the OLD Smoke Screen Trick !! Having the Footage is KEY and the Police don’t LIKE it PERIOD. Once Footage is Gathered “it then SHOULD be a Jailable LENGTHY Term to Interfere or Tamper with the Footage, and it Must Be Given Up to the Victim / Complainant or their Lawyers on DEMAND or by Court Order. That is the Accountability Matter Answered and Dealt With ALEX ! I think it is High Time Alex “Grabbed Himself a NEW BRAIN” ! ( i hear they are doing that Alex, maybe you can get on the List ) it is obvious to me – that when God said come get a Brain, Alex thought he said “catch a Train” so Alex caught the Express to DUMSVILLE” !! ‘name happy given Upon Request ! auspnx@gmail.com

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