Nomi Prins: Fed To Pass On A Rate Hike In December, And Will Hike Two Times In 2019

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Nomi says the economy is slowing, which will cause the Fed to pause. Nomi breaks down all things central banking on The Great Reset Opportunity Report…

Nomi Prins interviewed by Chris Blasi on the Great Reset Opportunity Report

Nomi Prins join Chris Blasi on The Great Reset Opportunity Report to discuss her new release Collusion as well as current geopolitical and macroeconomic issues.  In this interview Nomi makes the case that central bankers have been rigging markets for the sake of the bankers at the expense of regular citizens, and will continue to do so.  Nomi further shares her conclusion that should the ongoing machinations of the central bankers lead us into another global financial crisis, they have no plan B.

The details supporting Nomi’s thesis and conclusions can be heard here along with her personal investing strategy…

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