Misconduct at the North Carolina State Bar

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Bar Watch, Inc. has obtained documentary proof of misconduct at the North Carolina State Bar in Raleigh, and evidence suggesting a years-long pattern of wrongful discipline of attorneys, including disbarment based on erroneous facts. This short, one-paragraph Bar Counsel Letter exemplifies the problem generally; it contains multiple ethical violations on its face, enumerated in the commentary below the letter. The problem at the NC Bar is real.

The Bar Watch, Inc.’s founder’s situation is particularly odd; the Bar is suing the founder for an order requiring access to years of clients’ files, yet the underlying investigation lacks the legally required “allegation of misconduct” (27 NCAC §§ 01B.0107 (1) and (3)). The Bar seeks to violate hundreds of clients’ personal privacy rights based on a suspicion that doesn’t even meet the legal requirements for opening an investigation in the first place.

Bar Watch, Inc. (BWI) seeks public support for the proposition that no attorney is above the law, including State Bar employee-attorneys and State Bar officers. In recent months, multiple good-faith complaints have been filed against NC State Bar attorneys, at least one of which is supported by two independent expert legal analyses. Bar attorneys cannot, of course, lawfully assess complaints against themselves, due to the obvious conflict of interest; but this is exactly what they are doing. Meanwhile, they continue investigations of their peer North Carolina attorneys, but according to a growing number of such NC attorneys, the State Bar attorney-investigators have twisted facts that show no evidence of wrongdoing into new “facts” supporting a finding of misconduct, and penalties are being imposed based on the new “facts.” These disturbing allegations must be investigated for the sake of justice, and to preserve or restore the Bar’s integrity and reputation.

If NC State Bar attorneys have nothing to hide, they should be eager to prove that by cooperating with an independent investigation. The suppression of such investigation suggests otherwise, as the act of suppression itself constitutes misconduct, a violation of conflict of interest rules.

Please sign the appropriate Petition in “Counts” below or to the right in support of a proper investigation of the multiple good-faith complaints against NC State Bar attorneys (you can sign anonymously if desired). Please also support this project, explore the rest of this site for for more information, and check back periodically, as we expect ongoing updates.

Alan Phillips, Esq., Director
Bar Watch, Inc.

Quick Proof

Last Updated: February 23, 2019, 4:44 pm

1) Petitions Supporting an Independent Investigation of Complaints Against NC State Bar Attorneys:

[a] Attorney Petition Signatures: 3164

[b] Non-Attorney Petition Signatures: 26,137

2) NC Attorneys reporting to Bar Watch Director falsification of facts by NC State Bar attorneys in ongoing disciplinary proceedings: 4

3) NC Attorneys reporting to Bar Watch Director disbarment based on falsification of facts by NC State Bar attorneys: 4

4) NC Attorneys sharing their story on this site: 2
(2nd one coming soon…)

5) Independent Complaints against NC State Bar
attorney(s) and/or officer(s): 6

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