Iran Not an Enemy of the Jewish Power Elite

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A lot of players in the alternative media believe that Iran is a legitimate enemy of the City of London Jewish Power elite. We have all seen the memes which purport that Iran is one of the only countries without a Rothschild controlled central bank. This is nonsense because the Rothschilds are all over Iran with the hundreds of Rothschild Controlled Swiss banks in Iran. They also have a hand in the enormous Middle Eastern drug trade that is being run by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and the CIA/Mossad in Afghanistan. People don’t realize that the Shah cut down on the Middle Eastern drug trade. It blossomed once the Shah was overthrown in the Iranian Revolution. The same drug traficking, money laundering Rothschild Banking Syndicate that rules the west rules Iran. To understand the modern day Islamic Republic of Iran, we need to go back in time. A lot has been written about the 1953 CIA Coup, Operation Ajax which overthrew Iranian Prime Minister Mossadegh after he nationalized the Iranian oil industry. But little has been mentioned about the key role of the Ayatollahs in that coup. The Ayatollahs were on the CIA and MI6 payroll, and they were the ones who recruited the street thugs from the Iranian underworld who were instrumental in creating agitation against Mossadegh. After the coup, these Ayatollahs became best buds with the Shah. The Shah sought to gain support from the Ayatollahs in the 50s, and gave them access to government radio stations so that they could preach to the masses. However, starting in the late 1950s, the Shah used his consolidation of power after the coup to pursue nationalist policies along the likes of Mossadegh. His first bold move was signing an oil extraction agreement with Enrico Mattei, chairman of the Italian Petroleum Agency. Mattei is famed for establishing energy independence for Italy through its own oil fields, and for trying to break the City of London Seven Sisters Oil Cartels’ control of the world oil market by signing generous oil extraction deals with third world countries. At this time, many in the Shah’s inner circle started to turn against him, and a military coup was thwarted by the Shah in 1958. General Mohammad-Vali Gharani had met with American diplomats in Athens shortly before the coup. One can guess who was behind it. He further made enemies by launching major reforms he called,”the White (Bloodless) Revolution” in 1963. The reforms included land redistribution, massive infrastructure expansion and industrial projects, the right of women to vote, religious freedom, and an expansion of health care and education programs. Wikipedia explains the Shah’s attitude after these reforms the best,”In the 1960s and 70s the shah sought to develop a more independent foreign policy and established working relationships with the Soviet Union and eastern European nations.” In subsequent decades, per capita income for Iranians skyrocketed, and oil revenue fueled an enormous increase in state funding for industrial development projects.” These are things that are certainly not in the City of London’s interests. The Shah’s reforms faced strong opposition from the Ayatollahs, led by Ayatollah Khomeini, the future Supreme Leader of Iran. These Ayatollahs favored keeping Iran under the centuries old backwards feudal system. They were angry that they were losing influence in the public realm. In response to the reforms, Khomeini launched protests against the Shah in June of 1963. These protests were crushed after a couple of days. It has been rumored that those protests were financed by various intelligence services, whether it was the CIA, MI6, KGB, or a combination thereof. The KGB is a suspect based on Soviet counter intelligence defector Colonel Michael Goliniewski from Poland, who revealed that Khomeini was, “one of Moscow’s five sources of intelligence at the heart of the Shiite hierarchy.” Furthermore, the Shah continued to move Iran on an independent course up until his overthrow. In 1973, the Shah finally achieved Mossadegh’s goal of nationalizing the Iranian Oil Industry through the 1973 Oil Sale and Purchase Agreement. He also began to move closer to the Arab countries of the Middle East. Some very little known facts about the Shah’s change in foreign policy are found in the book, “Israel and the Shah” by Devon Bowers. Here is a very revealing quote from the book,”After the 1967 war, Iran became deeply wary of the Jewish state as while the Shah supported a strong Israel, he did not favor an Israel that was stronger than Iran. This worry was due to the fact that the Shah believed that the ’67 war had changed Israel from a defensive state to an aggressive one and thus he was concerned about possible Israeli expansion.” (AKA Greater Israel). The Shah was merely defending his homeland. The Shah was doing a plethora of things which angered the Jewish Power elite during the 70s. After the Six Day war, Iran cancelled all joint-Israeli projects, refused to allow any Israeli government officials to his 1971 2500 year Persian Empire Anniversary Celebrations, provided the Arabs with oil and logistical support during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, and even sent a plane to transport a Saudi battalion to the Golan Heights during the war. Furthermore, the Shah signed an agreement with Saddam Hussein to end Iranian/CIA support of Kurdish rebels in Iraq, and he froze all Israeli military cooperation and business with Iran in order to pressure Israel to return all conquered Egyptian land to Egypt, which eventually came to being during the Camp David Accords in 1978 (Bowers).  Sunnis and Shias were finally coming together in peace as one large Muslim block against Israel. That is something that Israel was horrified about. That is why the Greater Israel plan was created. On top of that, the Shah criticized Jewish power publicly in 1976 for CBS’ 60 minutes with Mike Wallace.

It was at this point that the Jewish Power Elite decided to dump the Shah. Amnesty International issued a report on Savak’s torture apparatus in 1976. This was heavily played up by the Washington Post and New York Times. The CIA also released their psychological profile on the Shah to the press, which accused the Shah of being,”a megalomaniac, who would pursue his own aims, in disregard of U.S. interests.” To which the Shah exclaimed,”So you would like me to be your stooge?”

Something else has been missed by the alternative media for years. I came across this quote from the wikipedia article about the history of jews in Iran. It states,”Even though Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was sympathetic to the jews in the beginning, he displayed antisemetic tendencies towards the end of his reign. Yousef Cohen, the last Jewish representative of Iranian Senate describes in his memoirs that Shah became suspicious of Jewish community in his final years because most of the international criticism about lack of freedom in Iran and military style of government came from Jewish authors. Furthermore, the writer for the influential and highly publicized book, fall of 77 (probably crash of 79 by Paul Erdman mistakenly called 77 by Cohen), which predicted the fall of Shah a few years prior to his demise was Jewish. Shah, according to Cohen, displayed a remarkable intolerance and annoyance by the Jewish community in his last annual visit in March 1978 with the community leaders. Cohen describes that the Shah believed that there is an international Jewish Conspiracy against him to end his reign as king.” 

“During the Iranian revolution, many Iranian Jews joined the revolutionaries in order to lose their Jewish identity and be part of the utopia that the revolution promised.[77][78] In summer of 1979, 7000 Jews protested against the Shah in Ashura protests. Other estimates puts the Jewish participants in the protests as high as 12000. Almost all the religious leaders of the Jewish community such as Yedidia ShofetUriel Davidi, David Shofet, Yosef Hamadani Cohen, Rabbi Baalnes, Rabbi Yadegaran participated in the protests. Other non religious leaders of the Persian Jewish community such as Aziz Daneshrad, Haroun Yashayaei, Yaghoub Barkhordar, Hoshang Melamed, Manuchehr Eliasi and Farangis Hasidim also participated in the protests.[79]

Leaders of the Jewish community such as Yosef Hamadani Cohen and Yedidia Shofet were instrumental in managing the collaborations between the Jews and the revolutionaries.[80]

The most important Jewish supporters of the revolution were in “Association of Jewish Iranian Intellectuals” (Jameye-roshanfekran-e-yahudi or AJII). In 1978 AJII’s magazine, Tammuz, started writing in support of the revolution. Its writers were not limited to Persian Jews but also included prominent non-Jewish revolutionaries such as Mir Hosein Mousavi (future Iranian presidential candidtate) and Zahra Rahnavard. Most of the Jewish community at the time were supporters of the Tudeh Party and leaned towards communism and AJII was trying to push them more towards traditional religious beliefs. AJII’s charter was very close to the ideals of the revolution. It declared that AJII was at war with imperialism in its all forms, including Zionism. Furthermore, AJII’s charter declared that the organization is at war with racism including antisemitism.[79]

Tehran’s only Jewish hospital, run by Dr. Sapir, was instrumental in helping the wounded revolutionaries. At the time most of the public hospitals would report the wounded revolutionaries to SAVAK but Dr. Sapir’s hospital was the only hospital that was treating them without informing the SAVAK agents. Dr. Sapir hospital’s actions were so instrumental that Ayatollah Khomeini himself wrote a personal note thanking the hospital for its help after the revolution succeeded.[79]

In November 1978, leaders of the Jewish community met with Ayatollah Taleqani and pledged their support for the revolution. In late 1978, leaders of the Jewish community met with Ayatollah Khomeini in Paris and declared their support for the revolution.

Those passages say it all. Furthermore, In 1977, the City of London waged economic warfare against Iran through BP. BP was buying much less oil than agreed upon through the 1973 Oil Nationalization and Purchase Agreement. Subsequently, the Iranian Jewish Community started to withdraw investments from Iran. These combined events created an influx of dissatisfied poor urban workers ripe for revolution. And who funded these protests? According to the book, “Hostage to Khomeini”, by Robert Dreyfuss, much of the funds were coming from City of London/Mossad affiliated banks in the U.S. and Europe. One of the key front organizations for the Revolution, the Young Muslims Student Association, proposed to open offices at the International Trade Center in Lousiana, the same front company for Permindex, the Mossad Swiss Bank implicated for the assasination of President Kennedy by Michael Collins Piper in his book,”Final Judgement”. Once the protests started, Khomeini suddenly became the mouthpiece of the Revolution with constant coverage from the news networks, especially the Voice of America, Voice of Israel, and BBC. Meanwhile, the Carter administration made the decision to dump the Shah, and support Ayatollah Khomeini at the Guadeloupe Conference with the U.S, U.K, France, and West Germany. The U.S. then set up a correspondence with Khomeini, and neutralized the Iranian army to stand down to Khomeini when he arrived in Iran. Once he arrived, Khomeini’s entourage gunned down nearly all of Iran’s competent military officers and servicemen, along with the lower levels of Savak. My grandfather was an aerospace engineer for the Iranian Military during the reign of the Shah. Many of his friends were executed by firing squad. Luckily, my grandfather was retired at the time. These people had nothing to do with the crimes committed by the Pahlavi dynasty. They were regular Iranian patriots serving their country, just like U.S. military servicemen who fought the wars for Israel in the Middle East. It was the highest levels of Savak that were spaired, and even integrated into Khomeini’s new intelligence apparatus, Savama. Savama was simply, “Savak reborn“. Savama destroyed leftist and nationalist opposition to Khomeini, who enthusiastically backed Khomeini during the Revolution to consolidate the Ayatollahs’ rule over Iran. At the same time, President Carter admitted the Shah into the United States for cancer treatment at the discretion of Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller who heavily lobbied the Carter administration to admit the Shah, despite warnings from the State Department that this action would endanger U.S. Embassy workers in Iran. Two weeks later, those warnings came true when the Hostage Crisis began. The Reagan neocons were in contact with the Ayatollahs throughout the crisis, and evidence has emerged that they cut a deal with the Ayatollahs to hold the hostages until Reagan was elected, in exchange for U.S. arms during the Iran -Contra Affair. The U.S. began approving arms sales to Iran as early as 1981, and guess who the middleman was? Israel. Israel sold 500 million dollars worth of arms to Iran. It was paid for by Iranian oil delivered to Israel through a secret pipeline set up by Israeli financier Marc Rich. Rich started doing business with Iran just one week after the Revolution, even during the Hostage Crisis. Iran sold 40 to 75 million barrels of oil to Israel a year during the 80s. Rich said,”They respected the contracts. We performed a service for them. We bought the oil, we handled the transport, and we sold it. They couldn’t do it themselves, so we were able to do it.” Iran used the profits from this deal to buy weapons from Israel and the U.S. during the Iran-Iraq war. Other key players in this Iran-Israel relationship were Yaakov Nimrodi, a Mossad agent who helped found Savak, Manucher Ghorbanifar a double agent for Iran and Israel, Adnan Khashoggi, a Saudi Arabian billionaire with ties to Zionist financiers, and Cyrus Hashemi, an Iranian arms dealer with ties to the Mossad who was related to Rafsanjani the president of Iran during the 80s. Hashemi was head of the First Gulf Bank and Trust Company, which transferred money to the Iranian Government in the 80s. The First Gulf Bank and Trust Company was a Federal Reserve chartered bank, which means that it was a Rothschild controlled bank. So the Rothschilds have ties to the Rafsanjani crowd of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Rouhani is a protege of Rafsanjani, and Rouhani is doing everything that Bibi Netanyahu wants. Iran is putting their proxy armies and IRGC troops in Syria on Israel’s border, giving Netanyahu the excuse to expand to the west of the Euphrates river in pursuit of Greater Israel. Furthermore, Iran is prolonging the Sunni-Shia conflict of the Middle East by conducting proxy wars, particularly in Yemen with the Houthis rebelling against the pro-Saudi government of Yemen. When Ahmadinejad was President, he tried to bring Sunni and Shia countries together as one block against Israel. He met with Saudi King Abdullah, and they came to the conclusion that, “the greatest danger presently threatening the Islamic nations is the attempt to fuel the fire of strife between Sunni and Shia Muslims.” That scared the hell out of Bibi. In response, the Mossad waged covert war against Iran by killing nuclear scientists, and attempting to foment a color revolution in 2009 when Ahmadinejad won reelection. In Ahmadinejad’s second term, he clashed with Khamanei and the Iranian establishment. In 2010 he said, “administering the country should not be left to the [Supreme Leader], the religious scholars, and other [clerics].” He also criticized the Ayatollahs for squandering the wealth of the Iranian people. He said,”60 percent of Iran’s wealth is controlled by 300 people.” The Ayatollahs are billionares. Rafsanjani had a net worth of one billion dollars. After the revolution, the Ayatollahs nationalized most of Iranian industry, and took control of it. Rafsanjani’s brother became head of Iran’s largest copper mine, another became head of the country’s media networks, a cousin the head of a $400 million dollar pistachio export company; a nephew and son in key positions in the Iranian oil industry, and it goes on and on. What happened to the Revolutionary ideals? Khomeini and the Ayatollahs promised cheap water and electricity to the Iranian poor, yet they have turned Iran into a banana republic. 60 percent of Iran’s economy is centrally planned, with these Ayatollahs profiting from them like oligarchs, much like the Jewish oligarchs of the Soviet Union and modern day Russia. The Ayatollahs slosh much of their money in Rothschild Swiss and German Banks. They also run drugs in and around the Middle East through the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. The Shah cut down on the Opium trade in Iran, but now the opium trade is booming. You can find opium in Iran by just walking down the streets. Additionally, Iran is benefiting from the Talpiot program’s technology transfer through Russia and China. Israel sells weapons and technology to China and Russia, who in turn, sell it to Iran. Israel is best buds with Russia and China. And Israel is leading the way in the One Belt One Road Initiative, looking to marry Israel’s technology with China’s capacity. The One Belt One Road Initiative is being praised by most of the well-known alt-media talking heads, even though it is beyond clear that Israel is facilitating it. Through OBOR, Eurasia’s infrastructure will be modernized into “smart cities”, with self-driving cars, monitored traffic stops etc. Alongside this, the Brics nations are challenging the U.S. dollar. This is being cheered on in the alternative media, but people do not understand the ramifications of this. The Brics nations’ proposed gold standard could cause the dollar to lose its value, which will in turn, cause the western economies to crash. Once the western world goes down, the world will be ripe for the New World Order led from Jerusalem. This is a clear example of the Hegelian Dialectic. The elites will say, “The western capitalist world has caused the western economy to collapse, we need a world currency that will benefit all nations, through a multi-polar world order.” This multi-polar world order is being cheered on by the alternative media as the solution to Zionist globalism. Yet Israel is leading the way in this multi-polar world order shift. This is the Orwellian technocratic system that we are all supposedly fighting, yet most in the alternative media are cheering this on. Isn’t that what the whole plan was always about? Gradually disintegrating the existing world order until people become demoralized and eventually accept it? That is Putin, Iran, and China’s role. These countries were first demoralized through economic and social “crashes” (the looting of Russia after the fall of the USSR, Khomeini’s purges and disintegration of Iran after the Revolution, and Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution which killed millions in China). Now, Putin, Rouhani in Iran, and XI Jinping of China were brought in to gain support from the masses as “reformers”, who will facilitate Iran’s development into the future, which really is the final step to Israel’s end goal.


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