End The Fed

By Ron Paul

The U.S. federal government siphons trillions in taxes, every year, from the American people. It has the largest budget in the world.

But that’s not enough (for them).

So they rack up an unconscionable amount of debt — $21 TRILLION and counting.

But that’s not enough (for them) either.

The coup de gras comes from The Federal Reserve as they print trillions of new dollars, and thus destroy its purchasing power (see the chart below).

The Fed delivers the most pernicious tax of them all, because Americans are unaware that it even exists. The Fed operates like a pick-pocket. You don’t know you’ve been robbed until you see prices go up.

Americans see these rising prices and come to the mistaken conclusion that the “greedy” businessman is responsible.

Meanwhile, the businessman has to adjust too (if he wants to stay in business). He starts shrinking the packaging, shrinking the quantities, automating, and keeping the prices the same.

That way it doesn’t *seem* like there’s inflation.

But have you bought salad dressing recently?

Pretty soon we’ll be buying it in containers the size of a thimble.

This is how government and the Federal Reserve destroys wealth…destroys the economy…destroys the money, and subsequently wipes out the middle class.

End The Fed.

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