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I’m about to give a State of the Network Address… my network… the good, the not so good and the stumbling blocks along the way.

I decided to start this network as I was wanted the freedom to create, research, express my opinions without interference, manipulation, without debate, justification or approval. I was also tired of having my content and creativity being used or usurped for someone else’s adulation and monetary gain.

Upon leaving other networks, I had also made the decision that I would never allow myself to be manipulated, controlled by or to have to justify or debate or regurgitate or explain content being shared to my audience prior to airing it. I will never be put in that position again, by anyone… I also realized my creativity has value and had been consistently used for the personal gain of others without just compensation, or even a thank you!

So… upon consulting with other talk show professionals in the industry and hearing their similar tales of woe, along with some others in the industry involved at different capacities, who’s demise I’ve personally witnessed, I elected to ‘dive in’ and strike out on my own… not yet quite knowing how to swim, yet fearless of the water in which I was entering… learning as I go, if you will.

So… those are the prelude of events that has brought me here…

But that said… let’s start with the good news…

There is no one I could’ve chosen as a producer who was more qualified in all areas needed to have launched this endeavor.

I first commend him… of whom without his expertise and the fact that because of his experience, has the ability to wear several different hats, all the while multitasking in promoting me… without him, I wouldn’t be able to say that I now broadcast to thousands of listeners… on the internet alone. This does not include iHeart, iTunes, Spreaker, KYAH or WXEI… the efforts this man has done to both promote, do public relations, engineer my shows, secure terrestrial stations such as KYAH and WXEI, create and maintain the website, as well as secure sponsors would take no less than three men. I also wish to thank the multitudes of new listeners of which I would have never had, if it weren’t for his efforts.

I am both humbled and I applaud you all!

Now… to the not so good news… through this endeavor I’ve done my best to bring you cutting edge reporting that seems to have caught the attention of… let’s just say people who would rather you didn’t hear this show and it’s highly likely, because of offending those people…

Through the course we have endured several different types of tech issues…

– Skype interruptions
– Internet disruptions
– The hacking of my website
– E-mails with pertinent show content that mysteriously never arrives

I’ve had to spend additional money to beef up security for these anomalies.

Business sponsors in different states, sending checks the same day for commercials to be aired that, for some reason, never arrive.

It is obvious that some of the content being aired here, is ruffling a few feathers… to say the least.

After all… do the powers that be, really want you to know who Al-Qaeda really is, who hired, funded and trained them? Thank you Jim and JoAnne Moriarty… or that the Talpiot Program is the Israeli controlled lynchpin to the ever ratcheting up Surveillance state? (a show on that Thursday) or that the early days of television was a trap set for the populace by those very people? Or that the Titanic didn’t hit that iceberg, it was the Olympic? Just a few of the truths “The American Awakening” bring to the table that exposes the hidden treachery of these traitors.

But enough of that for now… let’s go back to the beginning and I will share a bit of the behind the scenes in forming this network… like any businessman I formulated a plan, discussed a timeline of projected goals, not necessarily financial, but at least enough to stay above water. I prepared for a timeline of 90 days of which my producer was more optimistic and said it would likely be 30… this my friends is where my learning curve came into play.

To be fair to everyone, the network, my producer, sponsors, future sponsors and the audience… we agreed not to ask for donations and although I both thank and commend the few listeners that have donated… Frank, Linda, Mike C… I never asked for them, they were given out of kindness and for that, all of us thank you. There is one, however, that supports this network on a monthly basis on an automatic withdrawal through a credit card… this person has asked to remain anonymous however I will later address a telephone conversation I had with this person last week.

But… for the moment…

Like any business, you have to start small and build over time…

We did just that and the business plan was to entice sponsors at a low introductory rate to make certain they had reason to renew as our audience grew. Both they and we knew that as the audience expanded, so would the cost of advertising… what we did not anticipate was the degree of apprehension by many business people, some former alternative media sponsors, who’ve now either been ‘burned’ by other networks by paying extortionate advertising costs and not getting a return or become hesitant to tie their names to content of which they thought it possible (out of fear of repercussions) they’d receive non conservative backlash… and that is understandable.

In short… though our paying sponsors are to this point happy with their returns… from this end, it has not been enough to float this boat. The expenses have been higher than anticipated and the revenue to date has fallen short of our projections, and though we see this as a likely temporary setback, the facts are the facts… which causes me to be faced with a decision… but before I disclose my decision options, I wish to first, take a moment to share with you the telephone conversation I with the monthly supporter I mentioned previously.

We spoke for over an hour last week and I shared with this individual my current financial dilemma as well as the options opened to me (which I will disclose shortly), though not verbatim… in essence, this was the gist of this person’s reply…

Michael… I’m retired and live on a small fixed income, I am a monthly supporter of yours as I know your message/voice is important and must be shared, and it is my belief that your listeners likely hold the same view. It is imperative that you stay on the air and continue your work. If I can support you on a meager fixed income with $25 per month, there is no doubt in my mind your listeners could do the same… whether it’s $5 or $20 or $50… you have the listeners, you need to ask.

This person went on to suggest I convey this to you… my audience.

1) You must be at least taking mental note of what you are hearing or you wouldn’t be listening.
2) A donation is great and well accepted but gives no assurance of ongoing financial remedy.
3) Ask yourself… would you miss a monthly support contribution of $5, $20, or $50 a month to this cause, to The American Awakening, to assure continuance of this broadcast?
4) I do not have the time, nor am I willing to proscelyte myself into begging for donations of which are a one time thing and give no assurance of continued support.

That said… Over this past weekend, I’ve discussed this with my producer and established a Patreon account which allows listeners to subscribe to an automatic monthly support for The American Awakening. Should you wish to support us, you pick the dollar amount that won’t take food off your table and you won’t miss. I wish to hurt no one financially. If you feel this program is of value then you choose what value it is to you… $5, $20, $50 a month or whatever.

Each tier will have an additional entitlement… Bronze, Silver or Gold Subscribership and…

Though your donations are always welcome, we could better use the consistent revenue support.

We’re not trying to get rich. We’re trying to stay afloat… please strongly consider this as here now is my dilemma… spelled out.

1) I too am on a fixed income as I am retired
2) Our business plan allotted us 90 days to bring a revenue stream up to (not get rich) but to simply not have this endeavor drain my assets.
3) If I cannot derive enough support from my audience to at least stay financially afloat in the interim until my sponsors are able to cover it… I then must make one of three decisions:

A) Dip into my limited savings and cover the deficit.
B) Go trade my time and labor to cover the deficit at the expense of the wear and tear on my car by UBERING or…
C) Simply pull the plug and call it a day?

This is my dilemma…

What would you do? I have until August 1st to make that decision.

I can now say something I’ve never been able to say before… because of my producer’s public relation efforts… because of his dedication and perseverance, I can now report that I have, online alone, thousands of listeners, this does not include Spreaker, iTunes or iHeart Radio, KYAH or WXEI… it would take a very, very small fraction of that number to stabilize this endeavor, is it worth it to you?

I’m not alone here, PayPal and Patreon monthly support for Hosts, Musicians, Authors, YouTubers etc., who are trying to spread information other than mainstream propagandic kool aid… seems to be the wave of the future.

I know I’ve been technically attacked more than once by these people as they do not want an American Awakening…

A prime example is yesterday’s broadcast… where social media i.e. Facebook is purging anything to do with spiritual enlightenment, alternative health or true history. Sadly, they pay thousands of their minions to troll social media and purge enlightenment or preventative health maintenance, yet telling the truth yields no stipend.

So I’m asking you, my audience to be a supporter of the American Awakening… go here, it will take you to a page that shows three levels… Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze level will give you access to a monthly bonus podcast… this is an additional American Awakening show specially done, commercial free… all levels will also offer a special, personal, on air thank you. Bronze level support is $5 per month.

For those who can comfortably afford $20 per month, Silver Level support will have Bronze benefits plus be able to ask questions answered on air.

For those that can comfortably afford $50 per month, Gold Level support will have all silver level benefits plus every month, 5 of you will be entered into a chance to win a free product from our sponsors.

All of our sponsors have been notified and have agreed to participate.

There is also a selection for ‘custom pledge’ which means you can choose whatever amount you wish to support the American Awakening… from $1 up.

Thank you for your time and for listening!

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