Announcement: The American Awakening will continue!

Dear Listeners,

The American Awakening will continue! Starting Saturday, October 13th – The American Awakening with Michael Herzog will air each Saturday 5pm-7pm central time!

Make sure to tune in and please share the news with your family and friends!

Thank you for listening and for your support,

Michael Herzog
The American Awakening


  1. I suppose as long as Brendon O’Connell is not allowed on the show goes on. I am disgusted. We have one man that is an American Patriot that has sacrificed a lot to bring the truth to America and he is not even an American Citizen. Bring him back on Fridays. There is a duty to those that are not willingly stupid to reveal the truth regardless. It is the right thing to do. We are in a stranglehold by the imposter people in this country and we better wake the hell up.

  2. Diane….

    Brendon’s absence on Friday’s was not my decision, it was his…..he is busy with other endeavors and chose to let his spot go for his own reasons. I have no control of other peoples decisions……sorry.

    Michael Herzog

  3. It is sad to hear that Brendon won’t be on the show but I am glad that the show will continue……….stay on Israel they must be stopped.

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